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      CANADA SIZE : 6’X9.5’ Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized Finished loading by Hapag-Lloyd in May 2022 Port of loading: xingang/tianjin, China Port of discharge: Vancouver BC,Canada With compressed ends, each container can load more quantity, this is a good way of sa...
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    • Process ,development and application of iron wire

      The production of iron wire developed earlier due to its simple process and wide application. Iron wire or steel wire is a cold processed product of steel wire rod. The material  is generally high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel. Usually, to produce the Iron ingot (steel ingot) for iron w...
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    • History of Anping Wire Mesh

      History of Anping Wire Mesh

      Anping County is located in the hinterland of Yanzhao, under the jurisdiction of Hengshui City, Hebei Province. It is located in the center of the triangle of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang. It has jurisdiction over 3 towns and 5 townships, 300,000 people, and a total area of ​​490 square kilo...
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    • Types and applications of expanded metal mesh

      Types and applications of expanded metal mesh

      The expanded metal mesh can be divided into many different types according to its uses ,such as high-altitude platform pedals, mechanical protective covers, highway fences, railway fences, foundation pit slope protection, interior decoration, ceiling ceilings, machinery ...
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    • Stainless steel mesh related knowledge

      Stainless steel mesh related knowledge

      Stainless steel wire mesh is currently the most common, widely used, and largest metal wire mesh on the market. The commonly referred to as stainless steel mesh mainly refers to stainless steel woven mesh. First of all, let's understand the influence of several main elem...
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    • Types and characteristics of fencing nets

      Types and characteristics of fencing nets

      There are many kinds of fences and various raw materials. What kind of fence is suitable for you? Therefore, we must understand the types and characteristics of commonly used fence nets, so that we can choose for our own use. Next, the guardrail sister will talk about the types and characteristic...
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